Friday, July 21, 2006

Help me help victims of Domestic Violence!!!!

This is not a hoax!!
Please read this!!! I beg you to make a donation to this mother. Poor little Miranda was on life support here in Denver for some time. Her mother has an incredible amount of medical and funeral bills. Out of privacy of the family I won't go into details. It just confirms my need to raise money for the safe house here in Denver. This is a sad situation, but, like all tragedies God will use this little girl to make a difference in the lives of many. I know she has already inspired me to fight for the many that have died because they were victims of domestic violence. I'm sure your first question is, "Diana, how did you find out about this?" Actually, I went to a job interview at this awesome company. It is Home Instead Senior Health Care. The supervisor asked me what I do. I shared a little about my life, and of course the book and my dream of building safe house here in Denver. It was then that she told me about her great granddaughter. All I can say is God needed me to speak with this woman today. How else would I have found out about Miranda. As you read this, think about little Miranda and how we as society can rescue many more daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters. Look at this little girl. I am absolutely sure she is in a much better place. Let's use her life to make a difference.
By the way...I WAS HAPPY TO TAKE THE JOB!!!! Out of all the jobs I have interviewed with in the last month... I know this is where God wants me!!! Please be a part of helping the little Miranda's in the world! Thank you and God Bless you all!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie!
I am pleased to hear about the job. You my friend have perhaps the keenest gift of discernment I have ever seen. God truly places you, and tells you where you are needed. And Bless You for listening so well. So many of us are blessed through your obedience.
I am off to take a donation to our local shelter. Sadly, I am sure that there are Miranda's here as well.
Enjoy your weekend.

Diana Joy said...

For what it's worth!
It seems like such along time since we chatted...what 3 days!
Oh my goodness!
BTW.. Every one please check out my friends blog. See an amazing brave woman!!!
You inspire me:)
Love yah!