Thursday, July 13, 2006

YEP!!! I"M A GRANDMA!!!! Ky'Anna Jeanetta May is finally here!!!

I'm a grandmother AGAIN!!! I was first person to welcome Ky'Anna Jeanette May into the world! Okay...besides the Doctors, several nurses, Chanel and the babies father...LOL Yes! The best gift a mother can recieve is grandchildren! I will try not to brag...but...the nurse came out and said "She has brown hair!" YEP!! That's it!! She does look like Grandma:) Actually the nurse came out and said, "I can see her head and she has dark brown hair". I responded, "What!! She doesn't have blond hair and blue eyes?" LOL The nurse and I had a good laugh!! Meanwhile Chanel was not laughing...But here she is right after giving birth. Okay Ladies..We all know that look! She was exhausted from pushing for 2 hours. My poor baby girl:( I am so proud of her. The room was full of Doctors and nurses and Chanel yelled,"Mom, get a picture for the blog!" Right when I walked in the room Chanel pointed to me and said, "This is Diana Joy! She is my mom and she is writing a book and I'm helping her! Quick mom, get the business cards!" I had to laugh because here Chanel is giving birth and nurses and Doctors are writing my website down on their pants! My daughter was telling them about the Unseen Child Foundation and the Safe House. Yep!! She's my kid! Determined to make the unseen children of the world seen! is the small little angel! Ky'Anna was born on July 13 at 7:45pm!

Chanel, Ky'Ree Akai May , and baby Ky'Anna Jeanetta May will be coming to grandma's house Saturday! The kids will be with us for awhile. She will be moving into her own apartment when she is up and ready:) In the mean time I will be enjoying the tiny little bundle of Joy!! I will visit Chanel first thing in the morning...So of course I will be taking more pictures! We are accepting donations as soon as possible. Chanel has a place to live, but nothing else. If you would like to make a donation to Chanel please go to and my co-worker Diane can help you:) The Doctors and Nurses were absolutely wonderful:) A SPECIAL THANKS TO THE AWESOME TEAM AT DENVER GENERAL!!! Sleep well my baby girl...grandma will see you in the morning!! XOXO


Neurotic Mom said...

Congratulations Channel and yes you too Grandma. What a sweet baby!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Grandma, and mama! Another chosen spirit to journey on this earth....welcome.

Crazy in Colorado said...

CONGRATS to Chanel!!!

Diana - your new grand baby is beautiful!!!


Diana Joy said...

Hi Neurotic Mom!
I miss you:) It has been a long day and we haven't talked!!! I hope all is well. If you get this before 11pm (my time) call me:)

Diana Joy said...

Thanks S!
I absolutely love being a mother and grandmother:)
I hope your feeling better?
I will e-mail you in the afternoon:) Let me know if that is a good time to chat?
Take care my friend...

Diana Joy said...

I have Chanel with me and she is doing her blog in the morning...
I shared my ((BIG HUG))) with her:)
Thanks..we all needed the hug!
You're awesome!