Friday, July 28, 2006

I'm exhausted!

Yes....I'm sure you all have figured it out by now! Everyone stayed the night at Grandma's and Papa's house. I'm exhausted. This is the happy faces. I couldn't get the sad faces of when Aunt Ashley bummed over the fish tank and the fish went flying. When we went to bed last night Savannah volunteered to pray, "Oh Dear Lord, Please let my fish live". Everyone yelled, "Amen!" Then the little ones fell asleep in grandma & grandpa's bed:) WHEW! We survived another family memory!!!
Snuggle time:)
Who is getting Dog piled here? I can't tell?

So, I ask you, "Doesn't Josiah look like he's up to no good?"

Micah is too busy eating cake! "Quick Micah! Get all you can before some sees you:)
Poppie is attempting to tell every one something... We all figured it out when Ky'Ree came in with a bump on his head!


Anonymous said...

It looks like you have a a whirlwind of events. I am so excited that you had a chance to connect again with Paul and Susie.
I have had quite a week of emotions (as you might expect). I am laying kind of low.
Soon I will have pictures to post...I'll be able to show you my clan.

Diana Joy said...

My friend my friend...
I love to see "for what it's worth" on my blog! It brightens my day. I hope you're having fun today on your trip. I must say....I WILL MISS YOU! You need a laptop girl!
That way I don't have to wait until you get back:) That's silly huh? LOL
Talk to you soon sweetie;)
Take care of yourself S...
You are always in my thoughts and prayers.
(((BIG HUG)))
what was life like without
the computer,
cell phone and
Do you know what TIVO is?

Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie,
We're still here. I have had a few "pain" days and we postponed going until Monday. That's probably good because I feel the need to go to church today and pray.
There is so much happening in the world right now. There are so many people who are facing such strife. I watch the news each night and weep every time I see the was in Israel and Lebanon. I weep every time I hear of yet another child being killed, another child missing, another child being seduced and victimized.
I know this life is a slow steady progression but I certainly wish that I had the power and influence to stop some of the craziness.
I think my only power now, is to educate myself, speak out against all war and remind everyone that if they are truly honouring and worshipping their faith; their God, Allah, Buddha there is no room for violence and hatred. So today, I am going to sit and worship my God and ask for peace, for calm and for unity of the world's people.
I am so blessed to have only the burden that I do. My pain will pass, my spirit will heal and I will live in safety.
My heart aches for those who will not find those things today...perhaps ever.
It's time to pray.
Love ya....and miss you too! We'll chat with you on Friday when I'm back.