Monday, July 10, 2006


As you all have probably noticed I have not written an update on the progress of my book in many weeks.'s because as I approached a certain chapter of my book the pain has been too enormous! I didn't want to come to my office today. This morning I prayed to God for the strength to continue with the mission of helping the unseen children. As usual He did just that:) Lise, (a wonderful friend I met through my site) told me, "Diana, I will come to Denver and kick you in the butt if you don't get back to're killing me...I need to read the book!! Thanks Lise there is no need to get physical now!!
Then, I spoke with Denise (My web designer and now close friend). I whined to her about wanting to quit. She paused and then responded, "You can't! You have over 7,500 people coming to your site! Your top newsmembers are from the United States and Israel! Diana, God is trying to tell you to get back to work!!!" She continued to tell me how important it was for her personally and that she needed to see this book completed! Thanks Denise for the kick in the butt!! LOL I guess Lise was right...I sure needed it...
Soon Diane (my co-worker) showed up and we decided to surf a little. Still...I was avoiding Gods request to work! Can you tell? LOL

I came across a blog called She posted a comment on her blog about how important it is to see the unseen children of the world!! Thank you for those words! You are an awesome person:) What are the chances of finding her today? Very slim! I guess God may be trying to get my attention....

I turned on my CD player. Out of 5 discs the first song was
"Count It All Joy" Okay Lord...The verse James 1:2-4 Is very comforting and kinda gives meaning to all the trials I have been experiencing....Okay Lord I'm listening...
"Count It All Joy" By Susie Luchsinger
I heard you say your way isn't quit clear
And it gets hard at times to persevere
You say your burdens hard
Well don't ever doubt that God is in control working out
Count it all joy this trial your in
God is working on you from within
He's letting patience have its perfect work in you
To make you more like Him when it is through

He'll never allow more on you than you can bear
Just run to the throne of grace and cast all your cares
He wants His image formed inside of you
Remember your faith in Him will carry you through

Oh you will be more like Him when it is through! I thought "Perhaps God is really trying to tell me something?" Diane slipped I sang Count it all Joy out loud to God!! But then...having such a short attention span I was distracted by checking my mail:) The first letter I opened started like this:
Hi Diana,
I am so thankful that you are going to focus on the book. It is needed. As a matter a fact I wrote a poem I was going to send with my manuscript but think I will send it to you now. Sat down to pray and these words kept coming to me so got up and wrote them down. Be blessed.
Unseen Child

Yes, I am only one of the unseen children
My eyes carry pain and my face is with out a grin
Look in my eyes do they look wild to you?
Or are you one of the unseeing and have not a clue
Each day is another day of fear and pain
Too little food and abuse will be all I gain
Beatings for things I do not understand
Food for my stomach by stealing or from garbage can
Shivering in a corner for fearing another beating
Not knowing right from wrong or what is cheating
What is right and what is wrong?
In my heart I hear not nor do I carry a song
The only way I know how to live is in total fear
Locked in a closet with rodents drawing near
People look at me in disgust and do not understand
My life has received pain from a strong beating hand
Who can understand all I have to endure?
Life for others I see looks good and secure
Being an unseen child filled with hatred and fear
Life is difficult and I know not cheer
What is happiness for an unseen child?
Protection from those who see us as an animal in the wild
This is not how I desire to exist each day
Oh, for a bath, clean clothes, food and a place to stay
Look into the eyes of an unseen child
Do you see happiness or fear making them seem wild?
You look but do not see all the suffering or pain
Some see an unseen child as dirty and with nothing to gain
All others know is hatred from us and who they despise
Do not judge us by the dirt or the lost look in our eyes

Betty J May
7/4/06 ©
Betty J May, and Susie Luchsinger!!
May God bless the many news members. YEAH!! I'm back on task!!
Please continue to pray that God uses me to accomplish great things.


Anonymous said...

Diana Joy,

I am honoured that you read and enjoyed my post. I pray that God blesses you with the continued strength to keep writing.
Your words may be the one needed message that a mother needs to leave an abusive home, or perhaps the words that a community leader will read that will inspire them to challenge bigotry, violence,or poverty. Children need us to speak our for them now more than ever. If we teach them how to love and be loved then when we are old and grey, they will love us and love their own children. No one will need be unseen any longer.
Know that your efforts are worthy and inspired. And if you won't listen to God ( as we all forget to now and again), then listen to your children, your readers, and your are needed to finish this work and so many others.
God Bless,

Diana Joy said...

I just went to your blog and posted a note:) Be sure and check it out. It is wonderful hearing such encouraging words....
You're right...
Children need us to speak out for them now more than ever. Thanks for speaking out!!
God Bless!

Neurotic Mom said...

Yes i will surely fly to Denver to kick your butt if you try giving up again.

Crazy in Colorado said...

Hi Diana! Keep your faith girl - you can do this!
Many prayers coming your way!!!

Take care and God bless!!!

Diana Joy said...

Hi Nicole!!
Where ya been chic!! I miss yah!! Thanks for the encouragement:) You are an awesome friend:)
BTW You need to do your blog:) I check it every day....need help let me know. Lets chat? We need to catch up:)
luv yah!

Diana Joy said...

Hi Lise!
I know you'll kick my butt! LOL That's why I'm back to work:) haha
luv yah!