Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ky'Anna is home!

Here is the moment you have all been waiting for....Ky'Anna is finally home! She wasn't very happy with the hot weather. It was 102!! WOW! But, all in all, we survived our trip home. The poor baby had to go through all the girls. Danielle kept saying, "Mom, she doesn't like you...she needs me!" "Oh no you didn't" I responded. How dare she take away my baby girl! So now you get the picture of what it's like at the Albertsen house. Kids coming and going. Every female fighting for a chance to just hold this wonderful doll. Okay, she doesn't look too happy here...
Boy is she mad! Every one quiet! My sweetie needs her beauty sleep!
What a big yawn! we are getting closer to peace and quiet:)
Doesn't she look relaxed? She must be thinking, "Oh! What a day!"

SSHH!! She has finally fallen asleep:) Now we can all sleep! I totally enjoyed having her. Chanel wanted to post the blog....but, she needed to get the kids home early. It was a long 2 days. She will be moving this weekend. Stay tune for moving pictures. I told you I love pictures! Have I ever told you how much I love being a Grandmother? LOL HAHAHA!!! I hope you all enjoy Ky'Anna as much as we do! Isn't it amazing what God can do!! God Bless you all!!


Anonymous said...

Chanel and are both amazing....and it goes without saying that KyAnna is not only amazing and beautiful.

Diana Joy, check your email. I have some news for you both.

Until the next photo

Diana Joy said...

You have such a kind heart! Don't forget..I'm with you through the ups and downs! Thanks so much for the letter:) I hope you got yours!
Thanks to Nicole, Lise, Betty May, Sacred Heart, Janey, Judy and the many who have and will continue to pray for my special friend! GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!!
Hugs and Kisses S!!!
You're Gorgeous!!! I'm sure everyone agrees with me!
Praise God!

cellar said...

awww what a beautiful baby... wishing her great adventures and discoveries. may she reach great hieghts... and be an inspiration to everyone just like grandma.

Anonymous said...

so cute so so so very precious and delicate and lovely!! Congratulations!! *hugs* xxx