Friday, July 28, 2006

Paul and Susie has touched my children!

We had one last visit to see Susie Luchsinger in Longmont, Colorado. A bunch of you have gone through my site asking, "Who is Susie Luchsinger?" Well, she is a Country/Gospel singer. Some know her as Reba Mcentire's sister. However, being a twin sister myself, I would like to state that her name is Susie! NOT REBA! She is one of a kind! Susie has her own style of music. It is very powerful! It is gospel and country. Just when I thought music couldn't get any better, God created Country Gospel:) Plus, She has an awesome story to tell! Paul (her husband) and Susie speak on domestic violence. "Are they victims of domestic violence?" you may ask. Paul and Susie have a testimony that very few ever speak. They talk about their own family problems. Yes, I know, how brave is that!! Paul talks about how he was a victim of domestic violence and how he in turn abused his wife. This is what I strongly state in my book. Don't repeat the patterns of your fathers!!!! It takes a strong person to stand up for such difficult subjects in order to help others. Mega thanks to the Luchsingers!!

Here is my grandson Gabryel. He is missing Gene 13. Those of you who know me, always hear of my love for this young boy. I would really like to educate you on what exactly "missing gene13" means. However...I have no idea. Gabes brain is the size of a two year old. Yet, he just turned 8. So, it is obvious he is developmentally delayed. It is difficult to understand what he says. Before you pause and say, "Oh no!" Please hear this.., the entire family see him as a gift from God! Not something to feel sorry for. Take note, I am only one of the many family members that surround this little boy with love and despite his disabilities, we ALL know his language:) Gabe is yelling, "Grandma, take a picture! It's me and Reba!" Okay...he is a little confused who is who:) LOL He has seen Reba on my cds and when Susie mentioned her sister...well, he automatically assumed Susie was singing and it was Reba in the lobby! LOL How about that! Gabe met two stars in one night!! LOL Many turned to look at him as he jumped up and down and clapped his hands for joy. LOL Yes...God is an awesome God! This is my daughter Chanel. Last time we visited Susie and Paul Chanel went into labor. Chanel is a vicitm of Domestic violence. Paul has now convinced her that her ex-boyfriend is better off in jail until he takes responsibility for his actions...then perhaps through therapy and God there is still hope! Paul has no idea how much God used him on Wensday. And here is my co-worker Diane. She is determined to make all the unseen children seen!
Ky'Anna finally made it to see Susie:) Boy, were we all fighting over who was going to hold her!

Here is Elyjah. He is mad because his twin got a better cookie after the show. And guess who got a big cookie? Yep! Poppie! Here he is with my daughter Danielle. What a bundle of energy!

WOW! What a day the Albertsens had! Gabryel, Savannah, and Victoria were exhausted and had to take a nap on the way home. There were sooo many pictures of the rest of the gang...but as always, not enough space:) I hope you all enjoyed our day....I know we sure did:) Well....except for Victory Joy...she was very frustrated that it was such a long trip home....

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