Sunday, July 30, 2006

It's Alyssa's Birthday!!!

Tory Joy said it all when she yelled,"Everyone be quiet! It's Auntie Alyssa's birthday!"

My daughter is now 14 years old. Here Alyssa is showing off her new shirt! How fun!! I know most mothers are thinking, "How can my baby girl be that old? Where has all the years gone? It seemed like yesterday and she was starting the first grade." But, what you men don't know is that every mother at my age is actually thinking, "Oh my gosh do I really look that old?" LOL The answer for me is "YES! I really do look old!" Alyssa was born a month early. She was a huge child. By the time she was full term she was over 13 pounds. I know what you woman are all saying, "OUCH!" Well....yeah ouch!
She is the child that very rarely get's into trouble. The most conflict she has is yelling at her friends for smoking bud (marijuana). I love her sooo much! I would never want to be her age again. She has so much pressure to be like her friends. Even though we are not in the best neighborhood, she holds onto good values. I'm so blessed to have her:) Okay...I know you are all saying, "Enough already!" Well, I can't help myself! But, I will try and make this short." Now your saying, "Yeah right, Diana make it short? Impossible!"
But, remember, you came to my blog:) LOL Therefore by rights, I am aloud to talk about my kids! HAHAHA Don't you love the way I have a conversation with myself, all the while assuming what most of you are thinking? Another habit that is hard to break. LOL

My daughters know the cameras on. Here is Chanel (in the back) and Savannah. And of course my birthday girl!
I can't believe she's thirteen, (oops...fourteen) GULP..sniffle...Anyway, I love the fact that no matter what happens Haley and Alyssa will always have each other. They spend long nights talking and dreaming about what it is going to be like in highschool next year. Who they are going to hang out with. What boy is the cutest...(okay, hottest in their language). Again...remember those days?
I don't know who took this picture? But, it will always be one of my favorites. They both have such pretty blue eyes...oops..Here I go again. being a annoying mother! LOL Happy Birthday Baby girl! I love you! Love always, MOM!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Isn't it funny how they get cuter and we get older Diana??? This universe is messed up!
Hope you have all had a wonderful day of celebrating. I accomplished my mission to go to church, and now I am officially packing so we can leave first thing tomorrow.
We'll take lots of pictures and I am sure we'll have an adventure or two to write about.
Until then,hugs to everyone!!! Especially the birthday girl!

Diana Joy said...

i love munich:
Hi Karin!
Thanks for stopping by:)
I have recieved an overwhelming amount of messages saying Happy Birthday to my daughter! You guys are awesome!!! She is thrilled that someone from Germany just told her Happy birthday:) So, Thanks Karin! It is so fun to hear from you daily. I will be dropping by soon:)
Sleep well...
Diana Joy

Diana Joy said...

for what it's worth:
Hi S!!!
I couldn't believe it! You haven't left yet! Had I known, I would have stayed in touch:) is totally messed up how they get cuter and we get older!! I will have to have a long chat with Eve when I get to Heaven!!!! LOL
Let's keep in touch:) Let me know when you get home....
I will be praying for a safe and pain free vacation:) You definately deserve it!
God Bless,
XOXOX (((Big Hug)))

Neurotic Mom said...

Happy Birthday Alyssa

gumbee said...

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

Diana Joy said...

It's nice of you to stop by...As far as your blog...well what a trip:) I wish you the best of luck with your new adventure:)
Everyone deserves that special someone and it sounds like you found yours!
God Bless!
Diana Joy

Diana Joy said...

Nuerotic Mom!
You're such a special friend:)
I'm sorry we haven't had much time to chat. It should get better by tomorrow night. I am going to make it a goal to post tomorrow...
Love You!

Neoma said...

Ahhh, I see you have a birthday girl of your own.....It was only yesterday Ana was fourteen, wow two years went by so fast. Wish we could keep them young just a few more years. I often wish I could go back to her two's and three's one more time. I remember it so well, and I was always so busy, it passed so quickly.

Tell Alyssa happy Birthday from me....

She does have pretty eyes....

Diana Joy said...

Check out your blog (with pictures:D) I left you a note.
It is wonderful of you to stop by!
I hope to post more pictures soon. Life has been super hectic lately....
But, I know we will tag each other soon...
OK...You're it Nea! Now it's your turn! hahah LOL

Neoma said...

Hey, I often forget how to get back. If I haven't linked you already, I will today. That is the only way I will be sure to find you again. Today, I was fortunate because I had you blog post.

Your family looks so much like mine...and it looks like we enjoy the same with out kids.

Summer has been flying by, my Grandson came to stay, he is 10, Nick is 11, so they are like brothers. I raised Andrew when he was small, and he has been with his Dad for the last 7 years, but they are moving to Texas, and Andrew was sad, so he came here to stay, it has been good for all of us.

But summer ends, and back to the school grind. I am not looking forward to school. Ana is, Nick isn't. haha

I wish there was a way to post a chat on my blog, I will have to look in to that. I am usually at the one called The Southern View, but when I am posting pictures of the garden or the kids, I move around.

Diana Joy said...

I left you a note:)
I did a chat line on this blog...
Check out the chat room and press on it and it will help you make your own!!!
Then...we can chat, chat, chat...
Talk soon:)