Friday, July 14, 2006

Ky'Anna is just so special:)

Here is my Ky'Anna! When I arrived at the hospital my baby girl was sound asleep. I was surprised to see just how small she is! She looks like a doll. I held little Ky'Anna for a little while and then when she started to get cranky, I quickly handed her to her mother:) When I downloaded these pictures I found myself looking closely at her face. Isn't God an awesome God! Thank you Lord for such a special gift. Here is Chanel with her newborn daughter. Okay...I guess she looks a little bit like her mom!
It has been so long since I held such a petite little girl:) Okay...Okay...I will make this short...I'm sure you are all saying, "Shut up Grandma!" So I will.....but LOOK! Isn't she the cutest thing!!!

Ky'Anna is even getting bored with this I guess it's time for us all to catch up on some much needed sleep:) God bless!


Anonymous said...

There is nothing more beautiful than a mother and child. The love is just gleaming in Chanel's eyes.
IT has been a long journey to get here...and to have a beautifl mother and grandmother to look at, with all the rest of the family to share....she will never be an unseen child....she will be a champion.
God Bless.

Crazy in Colorado said...

WOW - what a precious baby!!! And her mom looks so happy!!!

Enjoy the new little angel!!! (And what a beautiful name)

God Bless!!

Diana Joy said...

Hi S!!
We had a family get together today!
I have to agree...She will never be unseen! Poor little thing had to be passed around every girl (and boy) in our family for 6 hours! She was so tired! LOL
Good to hear from you:)...It's already Monday night! What!! No blog this weekend:( I can't wait to hear all about your weekend.
Take care my friend:)

Diana Joy said...

I couldn't wait for you to see her! Isn't she the cutest little baby!
It's good to hear from you:)
Let's chat soon....
Luv Yah!